A Little Bit About Us

The story of a quick meal revolution

Our Mission

KIAGO Nutrition inc. was created to help people eat delicious healthy meals on the go, while respecting the environment. 

We are committed to create meals made from natural ingredients, that are quick to prepare and affordable, which our customers can enjoy as healthy alternatives to today's fast food meals. 

Our Vision

  • Become a market leader in healthy meal replacements.

  • Revolutionize the way busy or on-the-go consumers eat. 

  • Inform consumers of the benefits of eating healthy for their body.

  • Contribute to the respect of the environment.

  • Save consumers time and money.

Our Values

  • Constantly following and learning from the latest nutritional studies to improve our product and make it as healthy and complete as possible.

  • Inform and share health information.

  • Respect the environment in the production and consumption of each meal.

  • Make every meal as fast and convenient as possible.

  • Partner with people or companies who share the same values as us.

  • Listen to our customers to quickly adjust to their requests and preferences.

The KIAGO Meals Story

We are a small family business, passionate about nutrition and caring about the environment. We are a couple, a team and a family with our two young kids and our Labrador Maya. We are business partners, but above all, we are life partners.

Both graduates in business administration, our skills complement each other well: Sandrine is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) who is passionate about nutrition, while Jean-Michel holds a bachelor’s degree in Marketing and has an innate talent for sales and business relations. 

Always racing against the clock at work, Jean-Michel was looking for a way to eat quickly. The idea came up, of creating a real meal replacement that was quick to prepare and to eat, but above all a natural, healthy product that would taste good. An affordable product that could benefit everyone who cares about their health, but who is short on time. 

After a few years of development and hard work, we have finally succeeded and created KIAGO, a product that can truly replace a meal, is satiating, natural, tasty and environmentally friendly.